About ECS

dkddkEstablished in 2007, covering the South West, Elite Cleaning Services is a family owned business that has developed a reputation as a supplier of excellence through focused service delivery, unparalleled quality assurance and extensive communication channels.

We believe that a reputation as an honest and reliable service provider is the recipe for success. We have therefore grown our reputation through hard work and excellent customer satisfaction, which is the formula for success.

We have built a solid foundation as a result of our strong relationship with our clients. We provide competitive prices for all services with management included. Our site supervisors ensure the job is completed to the highest standard. We offer honest, cost-effective and quality service.

At Elite Cleaning Services , operating as a sustainable business means we adopt the triple bottom line at the core of our business - People - Planet - Profit:

  1. People – operating as an ethical business for the benefit of our stakeholders and supporting the local community;
  2. Planet – reducing our carbon footprint and following the waste hierarchy with the aim of producing zero waste;
  3. Profit – through operational efficiency, direct and indirect cost savings we have a positive impact on our and our clients bottom line.

Want to keep your cleaners but change the management?

As well as providing a premier cleaning service, ECS takes great pride in that fact that all cleaning staff are happy and treated with the utmost level of respect. We have extensive experience with The Transfer of Undertakings (TUPE) scheme, where we can transfer and employ your existing cleaners within our organisation. ECS have invested a high level of resources into processes and systems that ensure cleaning staff feel valued and supported.